actually, we planted 1,072,320 trees across Melbourne’s west… just to make sure, plus a few more!

Greening the West – 1 Million Trees – completed!

Project Summary

The 1 Million Trees Project

In 2015, the Greening the West project received $6 Million from the Australian Government to plant 1 Million Trees across Melbourne’s west, including $5 Million from the Australian Government’s National Landcare Program – 20 Million Trees Program, and an additional $1 Million in Australian Government funding that supported the involvement of seven Green Army teams to deliver the project.

Between 2015 and 2018, 1,072,320 trees and shrubs were planted across 320 parks, reserves, open spaces, roadsides, and private land, covering an area of 1,755 hectares.

This amazing achievement was due to the hard work of 15 government and community organisations, over 4,500 volunteers and over 100 private landowners, who participated in 61 community events and tree planting days.

What’s been achieved

The Greening the West 1 Million Trees project is a shining example of what can be achieved when local, state and federal governments work collaboratively with local communities. The project has made a significant and lasting difference to Melbourne’s west by creating new natural areas for people and animals, as well as strengthening community connectedness.

Some immediate benefits of the project include enhanced amenity of local open spaces, connecting the community to their local reserves and raising awareness of the benefits of trees and improving community health and wellbeing by connecting people to outdoor spaces

The Future

The long-term impacts of Greening the West – 1 Million Trees will not be fully realised until the trees are established in 10 years, but it is already clear that urban greening projects like it offer low-cost, preventive strategies to improve community health, reduce heat stress,  increase amenity and foster social cohesion.

The project has improved the quantity and quality of urban green spaces close to residents, which will assist in promoting physical activity and encouraging the use of active means of transport.

In time, the project will bring a broad range of long-term ecosystem services, such as temperature regulation, air quality improvements and carbon-dioxide sequestration, as well as improved habitat and stormwater quality.

Greening the West – 1 Million Trees will also lead to improved natural habitat for local flora and fauna species that have been lost or threatened due to urban sprawl and ecosystem fragmentation.

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This project was supported by LeadWest, through funding from the Australian Government’s National Landcare Program and Green Army Programme.