About Greening the West

Our vision is to enable sustainable, liveable, healthy communities through urban greening.

Growing a healthier west

Greening the West is a regional initiative that’s about enriching communities in Melbourne’s west through the development of green spaces.

Delivering much more than just aesthetics, green spaces have proven benefits for the environment and for our health. They filter and improve the air we breathe, keep cities cool and provide shade for our houses and streets. They enhance our satisfaction and wellbeing when we live, work or play in them. They give us space and opportunity to connect with each other and with nature.

Yet often in developing areas, green spaces aren’t prioritised.

Melbourne’s western suburbs are some of the fastest growing in Australia. They receive less rainfall than other parts of Melbourne meaning they’re drier and can experience warmer daytime temperatures. As the population increases, so too does pollution, heat stress and pressure on the environment.

Urban greening in the west is a low-cost strategy that will bring high impact results – environmentally, economically and crucially, for the health and wellbeing of the residents who live there.

Partnering for positive change

There are many stakeholders with an interest in greening our urban landscape. And we have many passionate partners from local government, water corporations, government agencies, industry and the community.

Our alliance of green space advocates form a Steering Committee facilitated by City West Water. Together we share knowledge, promote, and scale practical solutions in the western municipalities of Brimbank, Hobsons Bay, Maribyrnong, Melton, Moonee Valley and Wyndham.

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Planning for a greener, healthier future

The Steering Committee has developed a Strategic Plan that outlines the vision, key drivers and strategic objectives for the initiative. This Plan identifies eight key goals and targets that the partners have committed to working towards to contribute to a green and healthy west. You can find out more by downloading the Greening the West Strategic Plan overview here.

Goals Targets
  1. Maximise urban greening
  • Double tree canopy cover in the west by 2050
  • Green space to be increased by 25% by 2030
  1. Improve quality and functionality of green space
  • Ensure quality and well-designed green open space for all communities
  1. Increase the use and interaction of residents in green space
  • All residents to have access to quality green space within 400 – 500 metres from their home
  • Enhance the range of facilities to maximise use and participation
  • Increase tree canopy cover to improve connectivity between open spaces and create urban habitat corridors
  1. Improve the health and social wellbeing of residents
  • Improve the health indicators of the west
  1. Showcase the economic and intrinsic value of urban green space
  • Create a business case for each green space project
  1. Improve environmental quality
  • Create benchmark standards for stormwater quality, air quality, natural habitats and heat stress
  1. Advocate green spaces to all levels of government and key stakeholders
  • Annually showcase five Greening the West projects
  • Increase engagement and investment from stakeholders and government bodies
  • Lobby all levels of government and stakeholders to maximise greening outcomes
  • Each council to establish a tree protection overlay
  1. Maximise sustainable water supplies to establish and maintain green space
  • Identify opportunities for alternative irrigation of green space
  • 25% increase in supply of alternative water for green space by 2030