Afton Street Conservation Park Westlands


Afton Street, Essendon West

About the project

Afton Street, Essendon West

Afton Street, Essendon West, Victoria, Australia

A green and healthy way to water the city’s sports fields

The newly landscaped wetlands at Afton Street are bringing benefits – and not just to the immediate area.

The wetlands provide a new open space where visitors can immerse themselves in native plants and wildlife only six kilometres from the CBD. They also bring a new and sustainable way of watering the city’s sports fields.

Comprised of five linked ponds, the wetlands capture and recycle urban runoff in a naturally occurring process. The initial larger pond filters dirt and rubbish from residential storm water, reducing pollution entering the Maribyrnong. The smaller ponds then treat and cleanse the storm water by filtering out all the pollutants and bacteria making it safe to use on sports fields.

Once the filtering system is complete, the water is stored in an irrigation pond where it’s used to water the most important lawns of all – the local footy ovals!

The project is a partnership between Moonee Valley City Council, Melbourne Water and City West Water. The Wurundjeri traditional landowners, ‘Friends of Afton Street’ and ‘Friends of Maribyrnong Valley’ groups have provided direction and support. Together, they’ve built long-term sustainability and biodiversity into the urban environment.


  • Water catchment and treatement
  • Beautification
  • Enhances habitat
  • Improves air quality
  • Fosters community connections
  • Encourages actives lifestyle