Birrarung Marr Wild Flower Meadow


Birrarung Marr Park, Batman Avenue

About the project

Birrarung Marr Park, Batman Avenue

Birrarung Marr Park, Batman Avenue, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

Bringing delight to the urban landscape

Birrarung Marr Wild Flower Meadow has transformed an area of Melbourne’s CBD.

A City of Melbourne initiative, Flowering Meadow covers 3000 square metres at the edge of Birrarung Marr along Batman Avenue.

The meadow, hand sown in November 2013, burst into full bloom with a mix of sunflowers, cornflowers, poppies, dill, barley and zinnias – enchanting all who saw it.

The City of Melbourne is trialling the meadow to explore the potential for greater species diversity, a broader palette of landscape treatments and more opportunities to bring ‘delight’ to the urban landscape experience. A species list was developed that would be robust, resilient, summer flowering and bold in what is a very big, open landscape.

The site, associated with the recently completed stormwater harvesting project, offered City of Melbourne the chance to trail new plant species and make use of the area which has recently been landscaped.


  • Beautification
  • Enhances habitat
  • Improves wellbeing