Stormwater harvesting and reuse projects


Altona North, Williamstown, Altona Meadows

About the project

Altona North, Williamstown, Altona Meadows

Paisley Park, Altona North, Victoria, Australia

Keeping the grounds green and game ready

The Hobsons Bay Stormwater Harvesting Project provides longterm water solutions for three much-loved and well-used sports grounds – Paisley Park, Altona North; Cyril Curtain Reserve Williamstown, and Laverton Park Reserve, Altona Meadows.

Hobsons Bay City Council partnered with the Australian Government and City West Water, to showcase three stormwater harvesting projects that will summer-proof the much loved sporting facilities while saving precious water that can now be put to another use.

Reduced rainfall presents plenty of challenges and these challenges require smart solutions. The stormwater is collected from drainage systems, filtered through a wetland or biofilter, collected in a pond or underground tanks, and then pumped to local sports grounds to keep them green and game ready.

The completed projects enable more than 184 million litres or almost 74 Olympic-sized swimming pools of stormwater to be harvested and treated to irrigate playing surfaces.

New interpretive signage has been installed at Laverton Stormwater Harvesting. The treated stormwater at this site is used to irrigate the reserve in Altona Meadows and recent water quality testing has found the water quality to be good with low salinity levels.


  • Water catchment and treatment
  • Encourages active lifestyle
  • Enhances habitat
  • Beautification