Errol Street Park


Errol Street, North Melbourne

About the project

Errol Street, North Melbourne

Errol Street, North Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

Clever design gives North Melbourne a new open space to enjoy

Errol Street Reserve was once a small triangle of grass at an intersection. Now it’s a park that the community can enjoy thanks to clever design and The City of Melbourne’s Open Space Strategy.

The council’s ambitious plan was to make the area 10 times bigger (from 530m2 to 5000m2). The result is an open space asset with lawn, paths, a raised timber deck walkway, garden beds, seating, lighting and 28 new trees. These trees will help cool the local environment and improve biodiversity. Stormwater flow control and treatment has also been incorporated into the design.

The development enhances the local area, provides space for recreation and improves pedestrian, cyclist and motorist safety by reducing crossing distance for pedestrians from 23 metres down to 8 metres. The enhanced natural landscape now offers a great place for residents to come together and will improve the character and liveability of the area for generations to come.


  • Beautification
  • Enhanced habitat
  • Reduced temperature extremes
  • Water catchment and treatment
  • Encourages active lifestyle
  • Fosters community connection

Images show Errol Street before and after the works were completed.